Management Material

At least, that’s what I hope to become through the course of this module! My name is Hanna Bush, and I’m a postgraduate student in the MLIS program at UCD Belfield. I’ll be using this blog to review and reflect on material presented and discussed during the Management for Information Professionals module.

I am an alumna of the University of Wyoming, where I earned bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Women’s Studies. After graduating, I spent 5 years working as a professional journalist, editor and designer at daily newspapers in North Dakota and the U.S. Virgin Islands before moving to Dublin to study library science. I love storytelling across all media, particularly books and scripted television. I am eager to learn amongst like minds who share an abiding belief in the sanctity of the library.

Enjoying the view from my old apartment on St. Thomas.

One thought on “Management Material

  1. endakehoe15 says:

    Very nice Hannah. Welcome to Ireland. I also believe in the sanctity of the library. It’s a place of learning and attaining wisdom.

    Look forward to seeing you in class.

    Enda Kehoe
    Ps My blog is not up yet as I’m having some technical difficulties, but these should be ironed out in a day or two

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